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50 Cent Throws Shade as Diddy Skips 2024 Grammys Despite Nominations: Mockery in the Music Scene

Rapper Diddy skipped the 2024 Grammys amid serious accusations against him, and 50 Cent is mocking the former for it. Diddy is facing allegations of sexual misconduct from several women, which is likely to make him skip the prestigious Grammys 2024 event this year. But this has already given 50 Cent a reason to mock his rival. Here’s what he said.

Read on to learn more about how 50 Cent is mocking rapper Diddy over the possibility of him missing the Grammys in 2024.

Rapper Diddy and the allegations against him

The popular rapper Diddy is attracting a lot of attention, and it’s all for the wrong reasons. He has been accused of several instances of sexual misconduct. In the past months, the founder of Bad Boy Records has faced lawsuits from multiple women.

The first accusation came from his ex, Cassie Ventura, who accused Diddy of rape and abuse. Meanwhile, three other women have also accused the rapper of sexual misconduct. All these allegations against the rapper have kept him in the headlines for quite some time.

Rapper Diddy to give Grammys 2024 a miss

Amid the sexual misconduct allegations against Diddy, his presence at the Grammys 2024 looks doubtful. He is nominated for Best Progressive R&B Album for “The Love Album: Off The Grid” this time.

Additionally, the Grammys haven’t revoked Diddy’s nomination despite the allegations against him. However, The Hollywood Reporter reports that the rapper won’t be attending the Grammys this year, prompting 50 Cent to take a dig at him.

50 Cent Mocks Diddy for Declining Invitation to Grammys 2024

With Diddy facing multiple allegations from women, he has decided to skip the prestigious Grammys in 2024. This decision has led his rival, 50 Cent, to mock him. Recently, 50 Cent took to Instagram to mock Diddy for the reports about him missing the Grammys.

50 Cent in his post wrote, “Wait puff I think you should go” with a laughing emoji. He added, “they not gonna give you no trophy LMAO get f**k outta here”. Both Diddy and 50 Cent are considered rivals. Amid the allegations against Diddy, 50 Cent isn’t letting the opportunity to mock him go to waste.

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