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Ariana Grande Faces Backlash as Fans Slam ‘Bizarre’ Move of Releasing 14 Versions of ‘Yes, And?’ Amid Internet Criticism

Ariana Grande is receiving criticism on social media for releasing 14 versions of her new single, “Yes, And?” Ever since Grande unveiled her latest single earlier this month, the song has become a subject of debate on social media. The release of 14 versions of the same song is now prompting many to criticize it.

Read on to learn more about Ariana Grande getting criticized for releasing 14 versions of her new single, “Yes, And?”

Ariana Grande and her new single “Yes, And?

Singer Ariana Grande is currently the center of attention due to her single “Yes, And?” Her newly released single is seen as Grande’s response to critics who accused her of being a homewrecker in the case of Ethan Slater and Lilly Jay.

But this time, Grande’s song “Yes, And?” is capturing everyone’s attention on the internet for a different reason. There have been reports stating that Grande aims for her new single to reach No.1 on the upcoming Hot 100 list. To achieve this, the singer and her team have devised a strategy.

Ariana Grande’s single “Yes, And?” gets 14 versions of the song

According to Forbes, Ariana Grande’s recently released single “Yes, And?” has secured 14 spots on the US iTunes chart. This was made possible after the release of 14 different versions of her new single. The slightly varied versions of “Yes, And?” include the original, instrumental, acapella, sped up, slowed down, and more.

This tactic of releasing different versions of the same song aims to ensure that most of the spaces are occupied by Ariana Grande’s song, as all the versions of her new single are considered under one release. However, it appears that netizens aren’t convinced by this move from Grande and her team.

Netizens slam Ariana Grande for releasing 14 versions of “Yes, And?”

While Ariana Grande’s die-hard fans may love the singer releasing so many versions of her new single to ensure its dominance on the upcoming Hot 100 chart, many netizens have been left dissatisfied with this move.

In fact, netizens have been slamming Ariana Grande for the same. On Twitter, one user wrote, “It’s sad that music isn’t for enjoyment anymore, and it’s all about numbers and stats.” Another one wrote, “I remember when artists didn’t have to try so hard to chart high.”

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