Chelsie Kyriss, the mother of Antonio Brown’s child, disapproves of the sexual activity in the posted photos.

On January 17, former Tampa Bay Buccaneers player Antonio Brown publicly shared a graphic image and video of himself with Chelsie Kyriss, the mother of his children, on his Snapchat account.

According to a statement made by Kyriss on Tuesday morning and associated with their “past relationship,” the content is apparently not recent.

It reveals Kyriss engaging in oral and Brown’s private area. Additionally, there is a video floating around that appears to show the couple having relations.

Snapchat Post & Story Video by Chelsie Kyriss

Brown posted the video online, but it was later discovered that the player had been suspended from Snapchat for posting such explici*t content. The media was informed and Team Snapchat responded. Stay tuned as we go into more detail about this debate. According to the reports, Antonio Brown, a former NFL player, was suspended from Snapchat after uploading or NS*FW content to his account.

Numerous reports about the player appeared shortly after this information was widely publicized. However, the video in which his ex-partner Chelsie Kyriss could be seen conversing with Brown garnered a significant amount of viewer interest. Although it was claimed that before he shared this insinuation video, Brown had also previously posted such material online. The player hasn’t expressed regret for posting such a priva*te video online.

Internet sensation Chelsie Kyriss

Chelsie, who appeared in the video and whose face was visible, claimed that she immediately reported Brown’s Snapchat account after seeing the footage. In the video, Kyriss/Chelsie was seen having oral with Brown, while Chelsie and Brown were seen lying on their beds. Given that the two individuals in this video are no longer together and are separated, it is possible that it was shot earlier.

His own children look up to him as a role model and frequently check his social media, according to Chelsie, who was heartbroken to learn the news and see the video. She further stated that if he engages in such behavior online, he is aware that his children are involved. Chelsie was devastated to see the videos and added that she saw the video and reported it as well. Chelsie and Brown have four children together, and they are currently living with Chelsie.

Explained: Chelsie Kyriss’s Snapchat Post and Story Controve*rsy

She added in her Instagram story that she was aware the man had posted some of their private videos, and she had kindly requested that he refrain from doing so. Chelsie says that she specifically brought him up so as to keep the intima*te details of their previous relationship a secret, but he won’t comply. She continued by saying that she had complained about things online and that she felt bad for her kids because they might have already watched the videos.

Chelsie further stated that she had reported Brown’s account and that he would no longer be permitted to repost the videos. On the other hand, this is not the first time Brown has done something similar. Previously, he posted an NS*FW image of a woman online in which he had photoshopped Tom’s ex-wife Gisele’s image with the nak*ed body of another woman. As a result of his sharing these videos online, he tweeted that you ought to play football in his place. While Brown is unrepentant about his act, the meaning of this statement is unclear.

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