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Debunked: Viral Photos of Jason Momoa’s Haircut Revealed as Clever Fake

Aquaman star Jason Momoa’s new look without his iconic long hair is going viral, and fans are quite amazed to see it. Social media often captures the attention of netizens with posts that seem unexpected to them. Once again, social media has gone abuzz with a viral image of Jason Momoa, and his look is indeed unexpected.

Read ahead to know more about Aquaman star Jason Momoa’s pic in short hair going viral.

Jason Momoa’s pic with new hairstyle goes viral

Social media sees plenty of posts that can leave its users amazed, shocked, and more. This time, we have Aquaman star Jason Momoa’s picture going insanely viral on the internet. The reason is the actor’s different hairstyle than what has been seen for years.

Everyone is fond of Jason Momoa’s long hair. But what if you see him without it? A viral image on Facebook, shared by a user, shows the Aquaman actor with a short haircut. The user @91.5 FM shared the image on Facebook with a caption that translates to “Famous actor Jason Momoa surprises with a radical hair change.”

More about the viral image of Jason Momoa in short hair

The Facebook user’s post about the Aquaman star and his new look had written on it, “Jason Momoa Actor of the movie Aquaman, surprised yesterday walking through the streets of Los Angeles with a radical makeover, it should be noted that he has just premiered his latest movie”. The post was credited to Luis Herrera.

The image showed Momoa with a short haircut, and it took no time to go viral on social media platforms, including X. This left many users quite impressed with the actor’s new hairstyle. One user wrote, “Wow, it looks so much better.” Another wrote, “Much younger looks, and cuter too!”

Has Jason Momoa really got a new hairstyle?

While the image of Jason Momoa in a short haircut has been going viral on social media and impressing many, the image claimed to be of the Aquaman star isn’t real. It has been generated with the help of AI.

In fact, his most recent interview with PEOPLE was published on 12th January this year, and it didn’t mention any change in the actor’s look. Not to forget, after AI became popular, social media has been flooded with numerous images and videos generated by AI, making it difficult for users to identify the real and genuine posts.

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