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Details On Death Cause, Footage, Party Clip

The post talks about Kenneka Jenkins Crime Scene Photos and what has conspired on the day of her death through the Party Video Footage.

Are you here to discover why Kenneka Jenkins’s news is trending again online? The incident, which shocked the entire globe, including the United States, in 2017, is currently being searched by netizens. Herein, the social media is thronged with Kenneka Jenkins Crime Scene Photos that are again raising questions related to her alleged death and the circumstances. However, we also tried to understand why the news was shared on the internet. Thus, we performed in-depth research to identify the reason.

This article has run our readers through the case’s background and verdict. So keep reading till the very end of the write-up.

Why is Kenneka Jenkins Crime Scene Photos Trending?

Before we get to the crux of the case, let us provide a quick background for all those who are unaware of the alleged killing of Kenneka Jenkins. As per research, Kenneka Jenkins, a 19-year-old in 2017, was found lying dead inside a hotel freezer. The body was found on 10 September inside a walk-in freezer located at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in the United States.

The hotel is situated 17 miles to the northwest of a village in Chicago. The graphical images received have raised questions on the actual Death Cause. The photos soon started to do rounds on social media. It also sparked rumors as well as conspiracy theories surrounding the death of the teen.

This required extensive research to understand the intricacies of the case and what had conspired. Keep a watch till the end of the content.

More Details on Kenneka Jenkins Case

More Details on Kenneka Jenkins Case

As per investigations, the images were later released on the internet as the authorities needed leads to support the investigation. These were uploaded online along with over 200 documents in support, 911 calls as well as a Party Video that acted as evidence to probe the reason for the teen’s death.

However, the release of the images did not go well with Jenkins’s family. Based on reports, Larry Rogers, the Jenkins family’s attorney, revealed to the Chicago Tribune about the discomforting photos.

In his statement, he said the photos that showcase how Kenneka’s body was found are surely going to raise more doubts regarding what had conspired with the teen, which he conveyed on behalf of the Jenkin family.

What was the Verdict of the Footage?

What was the Verdict of the Footage

As per sources and the information collected in the video, the images rendered a complete tour of the hotel where Kenneka had partied with her friends. Furthermore, it is speculated that she stumbled and got lost in the halls of the building, entered the vacant kitchen, and ended up in the walk-in freezer.

In addition, the video clipping also provides the pathway that the teen took on 09 September 2017 from the hallway through black double doors and later inside the old kitchen and freezer from where her body was recovered.

As per the Footage and pictures released online, the freezer is littered with dirt, trash, and ice spread on the ground. In the pictures, the teen is lying adjacent to the door while her face is down, facing the floor. More details from the photo showcased her wearing only one shoe and a pink lip gloss tube next to her. In addition, her black hair band is flanked over her body.

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What were the Reports of the Cause of Death?

What were the Reports of the Cause of Death

More from the images, the teen’s pants are covered in dirt. Herein, speculations of Jenkins being Raped have also been raised. The pictures showcase the temperature of the thermostat set at 45 degrees and 32 degrees, respectively. However, it is still being determined if the photos were taken before or after the freezer door was opened.

However, no information is available regarding what exactly was the reason for her death or if it was accidental.

More Details on the Verdict

We are still waiting to receive any information on the case. However, we needed help understanding why the hashtag and the case of Kenneka Jenkins are still doing rounds on the internet. Besides, sometimes older cases also begin to trend again on social media.

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Final Conclusion

The Kenneka Jenkins Crime Scene Photos and Footage was one of the country’s talks in 2017. The images created quite a stir and set the internet on a frenzy over speculations and controversies surrounding the incident. In addition, we expect users to be vigilant and not share any video or Footage that contains explicit content.What is your opinion on the video? To learn more about Kenneka Jenkins, click.

How informative is this article? Do share your views with our website in the comments box below.

Disclaimer: This article contains no footage or link related to the case. It is merely for reading purposes only.

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