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Does the Actress Still Have MS Symptoms?

Selma Blair, the renowned actress recognized for her roles in Legally Blonde and Cruel Intentions, has been candid about her experience with multiple sclerosis (MS), a challenging central nervous system condition.

Despite being diagnosed with MS at the age of 10, it took over 40 years for her to receive an accurate diagnosis. 

Throughout her journey, Blair has encountered various struggles, from early symptoms and misdiagnosis to her current symptoms and advocacy work.

Early symptoms and misdiagnosis

Blair’s early symptoms, including optical neuritis, were initially dismissed by doctors who attributed her pain to menstrual issues. 

This led to a prolonged period of misdiagnosis, impacting her life significantly.

Diagnosis and treatment

In 2018, Blair was officially diagnosed with MS.

She opted for a risky stem cell transplant as a treatment, which resulted in her being in remission by August 2021.

However, she continues to grapple with lingering symptoms and pseudo flares, which, despite not being active flares, still cause discomfort.

Current symptoms

Blair’s current symptoms encompass various challenges, including pseudo flares, a lack of appetite, and the need for regular IVIG therapy, which involves a four-hour blood transfusion every two weeks.

She also relies on the support of a home nurse and a service dog to assist her with daily activities.

Advocacy work

Blair has emerged as a prominent advocate for MS awareness and accessibility.

Her openness about her condition has had a profound impact on the MS community and has reshaped public perceptions of the disease. 

She has found comfort and acceptance within the community of individuals affected by MS, embracing her role as an advocate and a voice for those living with the condition.

Selma Blair PHOTO/Vogue


Blair’s journey with MS has been marked by resilience, advocacy, and a steadfast commitment to raising awareness about the disease.

Despite the ongoing challenges posed by her symptoms, Blair’s unwavering spirit and advocacy work continue to inspire and empower individuals within the MS community and beyond.


What is multiple sclerosis (MS)?

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a central nervous system condition that affects the flow of information within the brain and between the brain and body.

How long did it take for Selma Blair to receive an accurate diagnosis of MS?

It took over 40 years for Blair to receive an accurate diagnosis of MS.

What is a pseudo flare?

A pseudo flare is not an active flare but still causes discomfort and triggers autoimmune issues.

What is IVIG therapy?

IVIG therapy is a four-hour blood transfusion that Blair receives every two weeks.

What is the role of Selma Blair’s service dog?

Her service dog helps her with daily activities and provides support.

What is the impact of Selma Blair’s openness about her MS condition?

Blair’s openness about her MS condition has had a profound impact on the MS community and has reshaped public perceptions of the disease.

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