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Doja Cat’s Brother Breaks Silence: Denies Abuse Allegations, Claims Estrangement from Rapper ‘In Years

After facing allegations from his mother, Doja Cat’s brother denies knocking out her sister’s teeth and abusing her. Social media was abuzz when Doja Cat’s mother filed for a restraining order against her son, alleging him of abusing Doja. However, it looks like the rapper’s brother has something else to say about the allegations made by his mother.

Read ahead to know more about Doja Cat’s brother denying the abuse allegations made by his mother against him.

Restraining order filed by Doja Cat’s mother against her son

As per a report by RadarOnline, singer Doja Cat’s mother, Deborah Sawyer, filed a restraining order against her son. The accusations against Doja’s brother from Sawyer include knocking out the singer’s teeth and abusing her.

The permanent restraining order request filed by Doja’s mother against her son occurred on 12th January this year in Los Angeles. According to Sawyer, her son, Raman Dlamini, had knocked out the singer’s teeth. Moreover, she accused her son of physically and verbally abusing her daughter.

More about allegations of Doja Cat’s mother on her son

According to the restraining order request obtained by TMZ, Sawyer alleged, “Raman has verbally assaulted her in a very degrading and demeaning [manner]”. The mother of the singer claimed that her son made Doja feel “unsafe and traumatized” as well.

Over the previous instances, Sawyer had been granted several temporary restraining orders against her son, which have already expired. However, earlier this month, she was granted another restraining order. The hearing for her permanent restraining order request is currently pending.

Doja Cat’s brother denies allegations of abuse by his mother

While Sawyer has made allegations against her son and filed a restraining order, TMZ reports that Doja Cat cannot be protected under the restraining order filed by her mother. The singer would have to file a restraining order herself against her brother. It’s important to note that the singer has not publicly addressed any legal action against her brother or discussed the alleged abuse she may have suffered from him.

Meanwhile, the singer’s brother has denied the allegations made by his mother, claiming he has had no contact with his sister and mother for years. Doja’s brother asserts that there is no restraining order against him.

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