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Drama: Unraveling the Drake and Yasiin Bey Beef – Everything You Need to Know

The music industry is witnessing another beef that’s becoming a hot topic on social media, and it seems to be brewing between rapper Drake and Yasiin Bey. The reactions of the two artists towards each other clearly indicate a potential beef. Here’s what’s happening between them.

Read ahead to know more about Drake and Yasiin Bey likely beefing with each other.

Yasiin Bey’s talks about Drake in an interview

It was on The Cutting Room Floor podcast that Yasiin Bey made comments about rapper Drake, leading many to believe that the two artists might not be on good terms. Initially, Bey was asked if he considers Drake to be “hip-hop.” Disagreeing, Bey stated that Drake’s music might fall under the pop category.

@complex Life is about perspective. First, award-winning poets, now IG models. Here’s a review of Drake’s new poetry book, inspired by a DM from the man himself. #drake ♬ original sound – Complex

Not only that, Yasiin even mentioned that Drake’s music would be suitable for shopping at Target. The interview was enough for netizens to speculate that the two artists might have a beef with each other. Meanwhile, Drake’s recent comment surely added fuel to the fire.

Drake’s comment about his poetry book review sparks beefing rumours with Yasiin Bey

Drake had his poetry book with Kenza Samir, titled “Ruin Everything,” reviewed by Complex. However, he requested another review from Complex, which seemed like a subtle dig at Yasiin Bey. The screenshots of this are going viral.

Screenshots of Drake’s DM to Complex showed the rapper asking, “Can you do an article now where the baddest Instagram girls in the world review my poetry book not the head of Mos Def fan club..”. Along with it, he shared a laughing emoji too.

More about the beef between Drake and Yasiin Bey

While the reactions of the two artists about each other are hinting at a potential beef between them, there hasn’t been such an equation between the two before. In fact, in his song “Away From Home,” Drake had initially thanked Bey.

On the other side, Yasiin had performed a cover of Drake’s “Hotline Bling.” However, now it looks like there’s some disturbed equation between the two artists, resulting in sparks of their beef with one another. Drake, meanwhile, is even famous for beef with other artists like Pusha T, Meek Mill, and others. Such beef is common in the music industry between artists.

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