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El Doctorcito Video Viral Twitter, TikTok 2024

El Doctorcito Video Viral: Vincent Carmona, also known as “Dotolcito,” became the center of attention on social networks in the country after a video of him being completely naked surfaced and went viral following his arrest.

The video was recorded in prison, where he is currently detained, in connection with the alleged involvement in the death of 19-year-old Joshua Omar Fernandez during a robbery on April 16.

Sources, advised by CDN, confirm that Dotolcito’s lawyer acknowledges the presence of a cell phone in the possession of the youth at his detention center and that he has repeatedly recorded videos. Immediate reactions flooded social networks in response to the content of the Dotolcito video. Comments included sentiments such as “Not everyone is born with a cell phone, as suggested by the video in the naked Dotolcito in prison,” “Dotolcito has not wasted time,” and “Why do I see so many men being questioned for Dotolcito’s video?” on social media.

👉Watch The Full Video Here👈

It is important to note that in November 2023, the Sixth Investigative Court of the National District suspended the start of the preliminary trial against Carmona and two others for their alleged involvement in the death of Joshua Omar Fernandez. El Dotolcito remains in preventive custody in Najayo Public Prison for one year in connection to the case.

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