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HasanAbi Addresses Controversy and Declining Viewership, Points Fingers at xQc

Popular political Twitch streamer Hasan “HasanAbi” recently found himself at the center of controversy involving fellow streamer xQc. The incident unfolded on January 22, 2024, when xQc reviewed a video containing an unrelated clip of Hasan, sparking discussions and reactions within the Twitch community.

During the review, xQc’s response to the video went viral on the r/LivestreamFail subreddit, becoming a trending topic. HasanAbi later addressed the situation, referring to it as “manufactured drama.”

HasanAbi’s View on Declining Viewership:

HasanAbi touched on a broader issue of declining viewership across Twitch, attributing it to a changing landscape where a new wave of content creators is gaining traction, particularly those finding success on TikTok. He used xQc as an example, suggesting that established creators, or the “old guards,” are grappling with frustration and panic amid this shift.

HasanAbi delved into his long-standing feud with xQc, describing it as a three-year saga where the phrase “Fk Hasan” was frequently employed. He asserted that the constant use of this narrative had diminished its impact, stating, “You pulled the ‘F

k Hasan’ ripcord too many times, and you sucked me dry.” HasanAbi suggested that this tactic was no longer as effective because he no longer had the same audience due to its overuse.

HasanAbi’s Response to Editor’s Actions:

During his livestream, HasanAbi also addressed a separate issue involving his video editor, who had inserted an unrelated clip into one of his YouTube videos without proper context. HasanAbi expressed disapproval, stating that his editor should not have added the clip and should have clarified its nature.

Fans Reactions:

The drama between HasanAbi and xQc prompted various reactions from fans on the r/LivestreamFail subreddit. Comments ranged from speculations about the longevity of the conflict to opinions on HasanAbi’s approach to handling the situation.

Predictions of Unity: Some fans speculated that the animosity between HasanAbi and xQc might eventually dissipate, envisioning a scenario where the two streamers would collaborate or share positive moments.

Critique of Hasan’s Accountability: Others criticized HasanAbi, suggesting that he tends to avoid taking accountability and often attributes issues to conspiracies.

Mixed Views on the Controversy: Fan opinions on the controversy were diverse, with some viewing it as a genuine dispute and others dismissing it as manufactured drama.

The ongoing drama between HasanAbi and xQc has ignited discussions within the Twitch community, shedding light on the evolving dynamics of the platform, content creation, and the challenges faced by established streamers in an ever-changing landscape. As the situation continues to unfold, viewers remain engaged and curious about the future developments in this online saga.

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