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Jason Kelce Wife: Meet Kylie Kelce

Jason Kelce, the former All-Pro center for the Philadelphia Eagles, is not the only notable figure in his family.

His wife, Kylie Kelce, has also captured the public’s interest.

From their marriage and family life to Kylie’s background and public presence, here’s an insight into the life of the woman beside the renowned athlete.

Marriage and family

In 2018, Jason and Kylie exchanged vows, marking the beginning of their journey as a married couple.

Their union has been blessed with three daughters Wyatt Elizabeth, Elliotte Ray and Bennett Llewellyn.

The Kelces’ family life is a central part of their identity, and they often share heartwarming moments with their children on social media.

Kylie’s background

Kylie, a native of the Philadelphia area, shares her husband’s passion for sports.

Her athletic background is rooted in her college years, where she excelled in field hockey.

This shared love for sports has been a unifying factor in their relationship, and it’s clear that both Jason and Kylie value an active and healthy lifestyle.

Public presence

While Kylie maintains a relatively low public profile, her presence is felt through her social media activity.

She provides glimpses into her life as a mother, wife, and individual, offering followers a peek into the family’s endearing moments.

Her down-to-earth and relatable approach has garnered her a supportive and engaged online community.

Supporting role

As Jason’s career soared, Kylie stood by his side, offering unwavering support.

Her dedication to their family’s well-being and her role as a loving mother have not gone unnoticed.

Despite the demands of being married to a high-profile athlete, Kylie has embraced her responsibilities with grace and poise, earning the admiration of many.


Kylie is more than a football star’s wife.

Her commitment to family, her roots in athletics, and her understated yet impactful public presence make her a noteworthy figure in her own right.

As the Kelces continue to embrace life’s adventures, Kylie’s influence and presence will undoubtedly remain a source of inspiration for many.

Jason Kelce and Kylie PHOTO/Happer’s Bazzar


How did Jason and Kylie Kelce meet?

Jason and Kylie Kelce met on the dating app Tinder.

When did Jason and Kylie get married?

Jason and Kylie Kelce got married in 2018.

How many children do Jason and Kylie have?

Jason and Kylie Kelce have three daughters: Wyatt Elizabeth, Elliotte Ray and Bennett Llewellyn.

What is Kylie Kelce’s background in sports?

Kylie played field hockey in college, showcasing her athletic background.

Where is Kylie Kelce from?

Despite her husband’s association with the Philadelphia Eagles, Kylie is actually from the Philadelphia area.

What is Kylie Kelce’s public presence like?

Kylie maintains a relatively low public profile but shares glimpses of her life as a mother, wife, and individual on social media.

How does Kylie support Jason in his football career?

Kylie is known for her unwavering support of Jason and their family, standing by him throughout his football career.

What is the name of Jason and Kylie’s podcast?

Jason and Travis host a podcast called New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce, where they dedicated a segment to answering questions from Taylor Swift fans about football.

What is the name of Jason Kelce’s daughter who showed interest in football?

Jason and Kylie’s daughter, Wyatt, showed an interest in football, which led to a lighthearted exchange about her potentially becoming “another Swiftie”.

What are some of the endearing family moments shared by Jason and Kylie Kelce?

The Kelces often share heartwarming family moments on social media, offering glimpses into their life with their three daughters.

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