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Leicester school assault viral video prompts police investigation

Leicestershire Police are actively investigating a pair of assaults involving a pupil on the campus of Judgemeadow Community College in Evington, Leicester. The attacks, which took place on school property, were reported to authorities on Tuesday, January 9. Despite the emergence of distressing footage online showing the schoolchild being subjected to violence by other students from Judgemeadow, the police have urged the public to refrain from circulating the videos or engaging in conjecture regarding the individuals involved.

The videos in question, which have chosen not to be published by LeicestershireLive, depict the 15-year-old victim suffering from what appears to be a severe physical confrontation. The police have acknowledged that the episodes resulted in minor facial injuries for the young person. However, after extensive investigations, they have concluded that the incidents do not constitute a hate crime.

Watch Viral video here

As part of their response, the police have worked in partnership with the educational institution to delve into the events that led to the assaults. The individuals responsible for the aggression have been identified, and authorities are in the process of engaging with them and their guardians to address the matter appropriately.

The principal of Judgemeadow Community College, Jason Smith, expressed his shock and condemnation of the behaviour exhibited by a minority of the student body, which he noted does not represent the values of the wider school community. Smith confirmed that the school is taking measures to support the affected pupil and their family, and assured that the attackers will face the severest sanctions available to the school.

Sergeant Jake Hogan, who serves the East Leicester Neighbourhood Policing Area, has acknowledged the presence of the videos online and the discussions they have sparked. Despite this, Hogan reassures the community that a thorough investigation has taken place. He reiterates the importance of not sharing the footage or speculating about the identities of the attackers to avoid jeopardizing the ongoing police work and to protect the victim from further distress.

The police continue to offer their support to the victim and their family and are committed to pursuing their inquiries. The authorities have encouraged anyone with concerns or information to come forward.

The incident at Judgemeadow Community College has undoubtedly shaken the local community, prompting a call for responsible sharing of information during such sensitive situations. The police’s appeal to the public to avoid spreading the videos and speculations serves as a reminder of the importance of considering the impact of social media on legal processes and the well-being of those involved. As the school and police work together to resolve the situation, the community awaits the outcome of these decisive actions and the restoration of a safe educational environment.

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