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Madonna Faces Lawsuit Over Late Starts: Fans Sue Pop Icon for ‘False Advertising’ in New York Concerts

Pop icon Madonna is facing legal trouble as two fans, Michael Fellows and Jonathan Hadden, file a lawsuit against her and concert organizer Live Nation. The fans allege that Madonna’s New York concerts at Barclays Center started a staggering two hours late, accusing the singer of “false advertising.”

History of Tardiness and Lawsuit Details

This isn’t the first time Madonna has been entangled in legal battles over late starts. The lawsuit focuses on three nights of concerts in December 2023, where shows scheduled to begin at 8:30 PM ET didn’t commence until 10:30 PM. The plaintiffs claim Madonna’s actions constitute “false advertising, negligent misrepresentation, and unfair and deceptive trade practices.”

The fans acknowledge Madonna’s health issues, which led to the rescheduling of the original concert dates from July to December. However, they argue that health concerns do not justify the significant delays on the mentioned nights.

Unspecified Damages Sought

Michael Fellows and Jonathan Hadden, who spent $155.90 and $292.50 on tickets respectively, are seeking unspecified damages in the lawsuit. The fans emphasize Madonna’s historical pattern of starting concerts late and assert that health issues should not be used as a blanket excuse for tardiness.

Madonna’s Response and Previous Legal Troubles

Madonna’s representatives have yet to respond to the lawsuit. In the past, the Queen of Pop faced criticism during the US leg of her tour when she started her show at 11 PM, three hours late despite the scheduled start time of 8:30 PM. Technical issues and a delayed opening act were cited as reasons for the delay.

In 2019, a fan in Florida sued Madonna after she changed the set times for her Miami Beach gig. The fan claimed the ticket’s value diminished after the schedule shift and sought a refund. Additionally, in 2020, a class-action lawsuit was filed by Antonio Velotta and Andrew Panos, who alleged waiting for hours past the advertised start time of Madonna’s Madame X shows.

Fan Reactions and Social Media Outcry

Madonna’s tardiness has been a recurring source of frustration for her fans. Social media platforms were flooded with complaints during the delayed concerts, with fans expressing disappointment, demanding refunds, and criticizing the singer’s punctuality.

One fan on X tweeted, “I don’t give a f* if you’re Madonna, if you’re 3 hours late, you’re just f*ing rude.” Another user demanded a refund, saying, “2:30 hours late. I WANT A REFUND NOW.” The public outcry highlights the growing discontent among concertgoers regarding late starts.

Madonna’s recent lawsuit adds to the growing list of legal battles stemming from her tardiness. As the Queen of Pop faces accusations of “false advertising,” the outcome of this lawsuit could have implications for how artists are held accountable for adhering to scheduled concert start times.

Madonna, known for her influential career spanning decades, now navigates a legal storm fueled by disappointed fans seeking retribution for what they perceive as a breach of trust in the realm of live performances.

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