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New twist in 30-year Zhu Ling poisoning case sparks extradition calls

The ongoing intrigue surrounding the unresolved case of Zhu Ling, a former Tsinghua University student who sadly passed away just days before Christmas last year, has reignited following her death. Zhu Ling’s life was irrevocably altered after she fell victim to thallium poisoning in the mid-1990s, which left her with severe physical and mental disabilities. Despite the gravity of her condition, authorities have not successfully prosecuted anyone in connection with her poisoning.

The case has recently resurfaced in the public eye, drawing attention to a person of interest who has made a new life in Australia. Calls have emerged for Prime Minister Anthony Albanese to consider extraditing this individual to China to face legal proceedings. The person at the centre of these calls is Sun Wei, who now goes by the name Sun ‘Jasmine’ Shiyan and resides in Salamander Bay, a serene seaside town located in the vicinity of Port Stephens.

Sun Wei, who was Zhu Ling’s roommate and fellow chemistry student at the time of the incident, faced scrutiny by Chinese investigators but was ultimately released without charge. Despite her assertions of innocence, Sun has been shadowed by a cloud of suspicion, fuelled in part by online conjecture. Following Zhu Ling’s death, this suspicion has only been amplified on Weibo, a widely used Chinese social media platform.

Sun ‘Jasmine’ Shiyan, now aged fifty, leads a discreet life with her husband Feiyu Xie, known locally as ‘Ringo’, and their young daughter. Neighbours describe the couple as reserved, showing no outward signs that might hint at Jasmine’s alleged connection to the decades-old case that continues to captivate millions in China. Unbeknownst to the local community, the couple has quietly accumulated a significant property portfolio, including an investment home set to go under the hammer with a reserve of £1.1 million.

The unexpected twist in this saga adds complexity to the legacy left by Zhu Ling, whose tragic story remains a topic of intense interest and debate both within China and internationally. As the local community comes to terms with the potential link between their neighbour and the high-profile Chinese case, the world watches on, awaiting any developments that might finally shed light on the dark mystery that has endured for over thirty years.

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