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Noah Schnapp Faces Backlash Over Israel-Hamas Views, Brett Gelman Defends Actor’s Right to Opinion

Noah Schnapp recently found himself at the center of a social media storm due to his views on the Israel-Hamas conflict. The “Stranger Things” actor took to TikTok to address the backlash, asserting that his beliefs had been “misconstrued.” Noah Schnapp emphasized his desire for peace, safety, and security for all innocent people affected by the conflict. Despite growing criticism, he underscored the importance of open conversations and understanding between different perspectives.

Brett Gelman: Support for Noah Schnapp’s Perspective

Brett Gelman, Schnapp’s Netflix co-star, has emerged as an unexpected supporter in this controversy. Gelman openly expressed his approval of the viral photos featuring Schnapp with stickers proclaiming “Zionism is sexy.” In his viewpoint, calling out Hamas as a terrorist organization is justified. Gelman goes further, suggesting that anyone not pro-Israel might, consciously or subconsciously, be displaying antisemitic sentiments.

Gelman doesn’t shy away from acknowledging the complexities within Israel, admitting that he is not a blind supporter of everything happening in the country. He voices his dissent towards Benjamin Netanyahu but remains a staunch supporter of Israel and its people. Gelman argues that Israel has the right to defend itself against Hamas attacks, citing recent visits where he witnessed ongoing rocket launches by the militant group. Accusing Hamas of using civilians as human shields, Gelman questions the attribution of innocent Palestinian deaths solely to Israel.

Brett Gelman’s outspoken stance on the Middle East, particularly the Israel-Hamas conflict, is a rarity in the celebrity sphere. Gelman firmly believes that the Israeli people desire peace and are not the instigators of the war. While he acknowledges imperfections within Israel, he asserts that the blame for the ongoing conflict is unfairly placed on the country, diverting attention from the actions of Hamas.

Noah Schnapp addressed Israel-Hamas war social media backlash

Noah Schnapp’s video message underscores his commitment to unity, hope, and peace. He clarifies that his interactions with friends from Palestinian backgrounds have been enlightening, highlighting the common hopes shared by both sides for the return of hostages in Gaza and an end to the loss of innocent lives.

Noah Schnapp, who faced backlash for allegedly endorsing derogatory posts about Palestinians and sporting “Zionism is sexy” stickers, stands against any killing of innocent people. He calls for compassion, understanding, and recognition of shared humanity, emphasizing the need to move beyond divisive rhetoric and support each other.



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Noah Schnapp’s controversial views have triggered calls for a boycott of the final season of “Stranger Things” and even demands for his removal from the show. The backlash intensified after he expressed fear for his brothers and sisters in Israel following a Hamas attack. Schnapp urged for unity against terrorism, emphasizing the importance of ending divisive rhetoric.

In a landscape where discussions about the Israel-Hamas conflict are often polarized, both Schnapp and Gelman have taken bold stances, each facing their share of criticism. While Noah Schnapp calls for understanding and compassion, Gelman staunchly defends Israel’s right to self-defense, challenging prevailing narratives surrounding the conflict.

In a world where opinions on the matter are diverse, these public figures have sparked a conversation that transcends entertainment, pushing for dialogue, understanding, and ultimately, a path towards peace in the tumultuous Middle East.

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