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Reality Star Brittish Williams Behind Bars: Allegedly Fails to Comply with Prison Surrender Terms

TV personality Brittish Williams reportedly is in jail after failing to surrender to prison. Earlier this month, Williams was supposed to surrender, owing to her sentence. Failing to do so, she has now been arrested, as per reports. It was last year when Williams was sentenced to four years in prison on charges against her.

Read on to know more about Brittish Williams reportedly being in jail after failing to surrender.

TV personality Brittish Williams arrested

Brittish Williams, the popular TV personality, has been accused of multiple frauds, leading to her being sentenced to four years in prison, according to The Shade Room. She was given a date to surrender for prison earlier this month. However, it seems she has failed to do so.

The latest reports suggest that Brittish is reportedly arrested after failing to surrender to prison on January 3rd this year. Not to miss, she has been appealing her sentence as well. While reports about her arrest have now come out.

Accusations of fraud on Brittish Williams

Brittish Williams has been accused of multiple frauds, including bank fraud, tax fraud, and more. After the accusations, she was even granted a delayed date for her surrender to prison. She had even filed a motion to get her four-year prison time reduced to 32 months.

Williams was supposed to surrender on January 3rd this year. A day later, she again appealed for a delay in her surrender date. However, prosecutors have been opposing the same. According to reports, Williams was arrested on January 12th this year.

More about Brittish Williams’ reported arrested

While Brittish has filed a motion to reduce her prison time from four years to 32 months, the judge, as per RadarOnline, is yet to make a decision on the TV personality’s motion. Back in November last year, Williams had even alleged that the judge mistreated her because of her celebrity status.

Social media users, meanwhile, have been reacting to the reported arrest of Williams. One user wrote, “I feel her; I wouldn’t wanna go either, but that’s why I don’t do crime.” Another one wrote, “She’s trying to do everything but the damn time.” A user even commented, “Why does she keep playing with them.”

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