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Russian Authorities Investigate DaFuqBoom’s Viral ‘Skibidi Toilet’ YouTube Videos for Alleged Harmful Impact on Children

The viral YouTube series “Skibidi Toilet” is under investigation by Russian authorities for its content’s “detrimental effect” on children. The series has been gaining attention for its videos on social media for quite some time. However, it seems that the series may have had a negative impact on some viewers.

Read on to learn more about the YouTube series “Skibidi Toilet” being under investigation for its “detrimental effect” on children.

The viral YouTube’s Skibidi Toilet series

YouTube has plenty of channels that gain the attention of viewers with their unique content, some of which are praised by the audience. One such viral content on YouTube comes from the Skibidi Toilet series by DaFuqBoom. The videos in this series feature toilets with human heads.

The humanoid characters with electronic devices for heads actually depict human-headed toilets engaged in a fictional war for the series. While viewers have loved the content of the series so far, it seems like there’s some trouble with the series now.

Russian authorities investigating YouTube’s Skibidi Toilet series

Regarding the popularity of YouTube’s Skibidi Toilet series, the creator Andrei Gerasimov mentioned that he wasn’t expecting this much fame for his series. Meanwhile, according to the latest reports, it is being said that the Skibidi Toilet series is actually under investigation by Russian authorities.

According to a local Russian news report, a man from Moscow has reported the Skibidi Toilet series to Russian authorities, claiming it has a “detrimental effect” on children. He caught his kid watching the viral series’ videos. The man has even asked authorities to investigate the creator of the series.

More about YouTube’s Skibidi Toilet series under investigation

The law enforcement source regarding the report from the Moscow man about the series stated, “We received an appeal from a Moscow resident about the need to block video materials on the Internet in the form of short Skibidi Toilet films, which have a detrimental effect on children.”

Investigators will now go through the 70 current episodes of the series to look into the matter. Not to miss, before this, a rumor about the Skibidi Toilet series spread in September 2023, claiming the creator of the series was arrested. However, the claims were not proven.

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