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South African UFC star Dricus du Plessis keeps personal life under wraps

In the high-intensity universe of the UFC, South African MMA sensation Dricus du Plessis is a name that commands respect. However, it’s not just his prowess in the octagon that draws attention; the fighter’s personal life also intrigues many, primarily due to its veiled nature. Here is the available information.

Dricus Du Plessis’s professional record is commendable, with only two defeats in his extensive MMA career and an unblemished run in the UFC. Despite his octagon triumphs, the 30-year-old combatant has successfully guarded his personal life from the public eye, particularly his romantic engagements.

The UFC Embedded series inadvertently shed some light on Dricis du Plessis’s love life, a subject he has generally been reticent about. A photograph posted on social media a few years back, accompanied by a Valentine’s Day message, suggested a romantic partner. Owing to diligent fan investigation and reliable sources, it was revealed that the woman in question is Vasti Spiller, indicating a significant development in Du Plessis’s personal journey.

However, the rumour mill didn’t stop there. Fans began speculating about a possible relationship between Dricus du Plessis and fellow South African, Nastassja Ras, after she published a picture with him on Facebook around Valentine’s Day in 2022. The actual status of his romantic involvements, however, remains unconfirmed.

Moreover, the rumour factory has also churned out speculations about Dricus Du Plessis’s sexual orientation. Videos depicting tender moments between Du Plessis and his coach, Morne Visser, led to conjecture, leading some to wonder if Du Plessis might be gay.

It’s vital to approach such conjectures with care, as public displays of affection or candid moments don’t necessarily indicate someone’s sexual preferences. As it stands, Du Plessis has not publicly responded to these rumours, underlining the significance of refraining from making assumptions in the absence of explicit acknowledgment from the person concerned.

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