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South Korea Gas Leak Fire Full Explosion Video

South Korea Gas Leak Video: In Gangwon Province, South Korea, five people were injured on Monday night during the New Year after a massive explosion at a liquid petroleum gas station in Pyeongchang. It is suspected that the explosion occurred due to a gas leak, with the fire breaking out at 8:41 PM.

Among the injured, two are in critical condition, but they are currently in stable condition. Fortunately, there have been no reported deaths, and according to reports from the Korea Herald and Yonhap News, three more people were injured.

However, the fire and explosion caused extensive damage, especially to nearby buildings and vehicles. Videos of the explosion, such as CCTV footage on the street and a car’s dashcam, have been circulated online, revealing the sudden and dramatic nature of the incident that “shook the area.”

Like scenes from horror games and the movie Silent Hill, the area was engulfed in thick smoke before the intense explosion.

Full Video:

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Firefighters immediately responded to the scene, and 117 personnel were thanked for their efforts. They were able to bring the blazing fire under control within three hours. 14 buildings were damaged in the intense fire, with at least 25 people evacuating from the affected structures.

A joint investigation by the National Forensic Service, Korea Gas Safety Corporation, police, and the fire department revealed that the explosion left a 300-meter-wide crater.

You can watch the viral clip below, shared by a TikTok user.

“We are relieved that there were no casualties during the incident.”

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