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TikTok Faces Legal Storm: 5,000 Parents Unite in Lawsuit Amid Safety Concerns and Tragic Incidents

Popular platform TikTok is in trouble again as 5000 parents sue the app for harming children. It’s not the first time the viral app has made headlines for complaints against it. This time, parents have filed a lawsuit against the app over its impact on children.

Read ahead to learn more about TikTok facing a lawsuit filed by 5000 parents over alleged harm to children.

5000 parents file lawsuit against TikTok

Ever since TikTok became popular on the internet, users from around the world have gone crazy for the app. Due to its viral trends and challenges, users couldn’t resist enjoying the app. However, numerous complaints about the app and its impact on youth were also reported.

Not just that, due to threats to the national security of countries, many even banned the app’s usage. Now, reports say that 5000 parents have filed a lawsuit against the platform because of its harmful effects on children, which have even led to several deaths.

More about why 5000 parents files lawsuit against TikTok

As 5000 parents seek to take strict action against TikTok for its concerning impact on youth, ClaimsHero has come forward to represent these parents. TikTok had included a provision in the user agreement requiring a plaintiff to file any claim within a year of creating the account.

According to ClaimsHero, parents can claim up to $10,000 in damages, arguing that the app’s “search algorithm turns the platform into a drug, featuring relentless violent, sexual, and even suicidal content that targets children as young as 12 years old.”

Brittany Edwards incident in the context of the lawsuit against TikTok

The 5000 parents taking action against TikTok for its disturbing impact on children also comes in the wake of an incident witnessed by Brittany Edwards. She was informed by a friend about her 12-year-old daughter posting a TikTok video saying, “LOWKEY GONNA COMMIT suicide.”

About the incident, Edwards in her statement to New York Post said “My child literally did a 360, and all it took was for to be glued to a phone”. She added “Somebody had to be held accountable for this. [ClaimsHero’s] views were similar to mine in terms of how they felt about TikTok with the way it’s becoming addictive to kids”.

Founder of ClaimsHero, Kelvin Goode said, “Given this limited window, it’s more urgent now than ever for parents and guardians to hold TikTok accountable so families like Brittany’s can pursue justice for the injuries caused by the most addictive app on the planet”.

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