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Travis Wall’s dance career rocked by sexual assault allegations

Travis Michael Wall, a figure synonymous with talent and innovation in contemporary and jazz dance, has had his career’s trajectory unexpectedly altered by a series of grave allegations. Wall, who emerged as a prominent name in dance circles, began his journey immersed in the art form from the tender age of three at his mother Denise Wall’s Dance Energy studio in Virginia Beach.

Wall’s prowess came to wider public attention during 2006 when he showcased his considerable skill on the popular television competition ‘So You Think You Can Dance’, securing the runner-up position. His performance on the show was not just about competition; it was an exhibition of his extraordinary technical ability that set him apart from his peers.

Following his success on the show, Wall’s transition to choreography was met with critical acclaim. His work on ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ garnered him a streak of Emmy nominations from 2011 to 2019, with two wins to his credit. Beyond television, Wall’s artistic influence extended to the creation of Shaping Sound, a dance company he co-founded in 2012, and his involvement in the reality show ‘All The Right Moves’.

However, Wall’s illustrious career took a dramatic turn when the Toronto Star published a story in 2021 that brought to light allegations of child sexual assault against him. These serious accusations prompted Break the Floor, a dance company Wall had been associated with, to suspend him from their tours and initiate an investigation into the claims through an independent third party.

The report by the Toronto Star went beyond Wall’s individual case, exposing a wider issue of sexual harassment and predatory behaviour within Break the Floor. The revelations led to other staff and students coming forward with their own experiences of misconduct, sparking a crucial dialogue about the power dynamics and the need for reform within the dance industry.

One of the accusers, Myles Lavallee, shared his account of alleged grooming by Wall when he was 16 years old. Wall, through his publicist, vehemently denied the accusations, labelling them as unfounded. This controversy has not only cast a shadow over Wall’s career but has also accentuated the urgent need for industry-wide introspection and the establishment of a safer, more respectful atmosphere for dance professionals and students alike.

Despite these challenges, Wall has not been reported to be incarcerated as of January 18, 2024. He continues his involvement in the dance world, performing with American Dance Artists in Delmarva and teaching contemporary dance at NUVO, a travelling dance convention.

Yet, Wall’s legal entanglements have indeed affected his life. At the age of 29, he was sentenced by a Cornwall court on charges pertaining to the possession and access of child pornography. The sentence included two and a half years of probation and a 15-year parks order, restricting his access to certain public spaces frequented by under 16s.

In addition to these restrictions, Wall was compelled to provide a DNA sample to the court and was placed on the national sex offender registry for life. These legal outcomes originated from his arrest in May 2020 by the Cornwall Police Service Internet Child Exploitation Unit, acting on a tip-off from the RCMP’s National Child Exploitation Coordination Center. Following the execution of a search warrant, several electronic devices were seized, according to Cornwall police spokeswoman Stephanie MacRae at the time.

The situation has, without a doubt, brought profound implications for Wall’s personal and professional reputation.

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