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Twitch Ends Support for Localized Twitter Accounts Abruptly, Stirring Controversy Post Layoffs

In a surprising move, popular streaming platform Twitch has decided to shut down its localized language support accounts. The platform’s Twitter support for Spanish, Japanese, Brazil, and French recently made announcements that these accounts would no longer be monitored or used starting January 18, 2024. This decision comes just days after the company faced significant backlash for laying off more than 500 employees due to profitability concerns.

Community Shocked by Twitch’s Decision

Zach Bussey of Off Stream shared screenshots of the announcements, emphasizing that despite the discontinuation of support on X accounts, users can still seek assistance through the platform’s website-based portal. The sudden move has caught the community off guard, especially considering the recent expansion of Twitch’s user base in non-English-speaking regions.

Surprising Shift: Twitch Ends Local Language Support

Initially launched to enhance user experience, Twitch’s local language support was introduced in October 2022, catering to audiences in Spain, Germany, France, Japan, and Brazil. The goal was to provide assistance not only in the local language but also to address the unique needs of regional communities.

Users expressed their surprise and disappointment at the decision, speculating that the cost-cutting measures and layoffs at Twitch were the driving factors behind this move. Some commented on the irony of discontinuing support in regions where Twitch had been experiencing significant growth.

Backlash Over Layoffs and Reduced Customer Experience

In response to the news, the online community raised concerns about the impact of recent layoffs on customer experience. Zach Bussey noted a significant reduction in the number of customer experience personnel, despite Twitch’s assurance that the streamer experience would remain unaffected.

Critics argue that the decision to discontinue local language support is a blow to non-English-speaking streamers and users, who were already facing challenges in receiving adequate support. The move has been described as “disgusting” by some, highlighting the negative impact on both staff and the Twitch community.

Unanswered Questions: The Future of Twitch’s Support Structure

As Twitch faces criticism for this abrupt change, many questions remain unanswered about the future of its support structure. Users are left wondering if this move is part of a broader strategy to streamline operations or if there will be alternative solutions provided for those who relied on the now-discontinued local language support accounts.

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