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Video: Gojo Figure Incident Twitter Leak

Gojo Figure Incident Twitter: California’s collectible store, Sondra Anita Mall, has highlighted a monumental Jujutsu Kaisen figure, showcasing Purple Kaisen’s prowess—and inspiring multiple enthusiasts to dub it a ‘heist’ target.

The California-based collectibles store, Chalis Collectibles, features a grand version of the Gojo Satoru Fanko Pop statue without a mask, welcoming a life-sized, maskless Gojo with a purple technique vinyl version on his right hand. Described as ‘Class is in session with Pop!

Satoru Gojo takes responsibility for the uniformed Satoru Gojo using his Purple Technique, ready to fight alongside the cursed spirits. Build your team with Pop!’ This natural-sized Fanko Pop sits at 4.51 inches and is priced at $20.00 in-store.

Unfortunately, the large Gojo Fanko Pop has been discontinued and is seemingly unavailable for purchase. Fans of Jujutsu Kaisen are speculating about several ‘Giant Gojo’ projects, some of which may not be suitable for public release but are expected to be emotionally resonant.

Others suggest how the statue series captures Gojo’s significance from being the most powerful sorcerer in the franchise to a significant bearer in the franchise’s profits.

Another life-sized Gojo statue recently went viral, generating excitement despite its hefty price tag. Shueisha has also released a Gojo-themed board game, excluding ‘Shibuya Incident’ arc, depicting athletes racing against each other to run away from Gojo.

Despite animosity towards Gojo for his vital role in the Akuatami crisis, Jujutsu Kaisen creator encourages fans to flaunt his nonchalant attitude and blue eyes. Three Gojo Fanko Pops have been released before, featuring a masked and unmasked version, crossed fingers, and an exclusive box launch Fanko Pop Gojo showcasing his cursed technique reversal: Red Display.

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Not surprisingly, clicking this link will take you away from BTSWIKI and to The Video.

Hoping that the large Gojo Fanko Pop brings joy to Jujutsu Kaisen devotees who have been waiting for quite a few months. Amidst the extraordinary second season announcement and the recent declaration that Jujutsu Kaisen manga will conclude in January 2024, many fans have lost hope, leaving some fan favorites to return, anticipating the return of lost fans.

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