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Viral Hoax: Homo Piscis Fish Claims Debunked – No Human-Faced Fish Found in Reality

A video reportedly showing the existence of a Homo Piscis fish is going insanely viral on social media, and everyone’s curious to know more about it. Recently, a YouTuber shared the video about the viral fish, making many believe it. But here’s what we know about its reality.

Read on to learn more about a video that has gone viral, claiming the existence of a shocking Homo Piscis fish.

Video of a shocking Homo Piscis fish goes viral

The internet is a hub for several viral videos and images that come with shocking claims. Once again, we have found one such viral video on the internet that claims the existence of a shocking type of fish. The viral video is about a “Homo Piscis” fish.

The video of Homo Piscis was shared by YouTuber Headtap Videos, claiming that this unique type of fish was found in Lake Samsara in Karanji. The appearance of the fish is what’s making it go viral all over the internet.

What’s the viral video of Homo Piscis all about?

The viral video shared on the internet by a YouTuber claims the existence of a Homo Piscis in Lake Samsara in Karanji. The video shows a fish with a human-like face, becoming the reason for its viral appearance.

The video sharing about the same said in it “Here in the depths of Samsara swim a unique species of fish, a species that bears an eerie resemblance to our own kind. They have been named as Homo Piscis, or human-faced fish….these aquatic denizens have shown evidence of intelligence far advanced for their kind”.

Screenshot via YouTube@Headtap_videos

Is the Homo Piscis fish going viral real?

While the video claiming the existence of the Homo Piscis fish may have gone viral on the internet, making many curious to know if the viral fish is indeed real or not, the reality is far from what has been claimed in the video. Homo Piscis fish do not exist in reality.

In fact, there is no existence of Lake Samsara and Karanji as claimed by the video where the Homo Piscis was reported to be found. Therefore, we can assume that the viral Homo Piscis images or videos were actually AI-generated. Not to be overlooked, there have been several AI-generated images and videos tricking users on social media lately.

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