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Watch: Duncan Williams Son Video On Twitter

Duncan Williams Son Video: Social media users are talking about Daniel, known as Devils, the son of Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams. Yesterday, Daniel expressed his grief over the constraints imposed on him as the son of a preacher.

Before going to his family, he shared a daily routine on social media. It includes activities like starting the day with prayers, working out, having breakfast, etc.

Daniel then revealed that he misses his social life, especially enjoying time with girls. He admitted being stuck at home for the same routine drove him crazy.

He mentioned that women should be interested in him, and they should contact him because he misses their company, especially as he misses his mother’s breasts.

Daniel conveyed that he doesn’t care what his father thinks about his actions since it is his life. He claimed that uploading n*des is the only way to become famous.

Watch the Full Video Click Here Link-1

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After his outburst, he uploaded a disturbing video with his girlfriend.

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