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Wesley McGriff: The seasoned coach enhancing Texas A&M’s defense

Wesley McGriff has established a respected presence in the world of football coaching, with a career that spans across collegiate and professional teams. Currently, he is imparting his expertise to the defensive backs at Texas A&M, having joined Mike Elko’s staff at the start of 2024.

Embarking on his coaching voyage at Savannah State, his alma mater, in 1990, McGriff has since been associated with a plethora of institutions, including Kentucky State, Eastern Kentucky, Kentucky, Baylor, Miami, Vanderbilt, Ole Miss, Florida, Louisville, and Auburn. His tenure with the NFL’s New Orleans Saints as the defensive backs coach from 2013 to 2015 stands out as a testament to his versatility and tactical acumen.

Renowned for his ability to cultivate defensive talent and bolster pass defense, McGriff has made a significant impact on the teams he has coached. The trajectory of his career reveals a dedication to the sport that is both deep-rooted and expansive.

Wesley McGriff’s biographical details are a rich tapestry that reflects his 55 years of life. Born on January 23, 1968, in Tifton, Georgia, he excelled at Savannah State University as a linebacker between 1987 and 1989. His academic achievements were equally notable; he was recognized as the conference’s Male Academic Athlete of the Year in 1989.

Graduating with honors with a bachelor’s degree in 1990, McGriff continued his educational pursuit, obtaining a master’s degree in public administration from Georgia Southern University in 1993. His commitment to service extended beyond academia as he served as a second lieutenant in the U.S. Army Reserves from 1990 to 2001.

Away from the field, McGriff’s personal life is anchored by his commitment to his family. Married to his supportive wife, Karen, for many years, he credits her with playing a central role in his life. Their shared journey includes raising their son, Jaylen, who has also embraced the family’s passion for football.

McGriff’s compensation as a coach is reflective of his experience and the value he brings to his role. While at Auburn in 2020, his annual income was reported to be $600,000, according to USA Today. His salary peaked at $1 million in 2018 when he was the defensive coordinator at Ole Miss.

Although his current salary at Texas A&M has not been made public, it is speculated that it may exceed his past earnings, underscoring his reputation and the value placed on his coaching expertise. McGriff’s financial gains, while significant, are just one aspect of his broad-based influence in the field of football coaching.

The story of Wesley McGriff is one of a multi-faceted individual whose life is enriched by his professional endeavors, academic pursuits, service to his country, and, most importantly, his family. The coach’s narrative is a compelling account of success, resilience, and the power of support in achieving one’s goals. As McGriff continues to shape the defensive strategies at Texas A&M, his journey remains a testament to his impact on the game and the lives of the players he mentors.

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