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Who are Kimberly Stroud’s Parents?

Kimberly Stroud, the mother of NFL quarterback C.J. Stroud, has been a significant figure in her son’s life, especially after her husband, Coleridge Bernard Stroud III, was sent to prison for 38 years when C.J. was in middle school.

She raised C.J. and his three siblings as a single mother, demonstrating resilience and strength.

Her background, family life, and the impact of her husband’s incarceration on the family are just a few aspects of her story.

Kimberly Stroud’s parents

At the time of publishing this article, not much is known about Kimberly’s parents.

The available sources only provide information about Kimberly, her husband Coleridge Bernard Stroud III, and their children, including C.J. Stroud.

Background and family life

Before her husband’s incarceration, Kimberly lived a relatively normal life with her family.

She was a devoted mother and wife, and her children, including C.J., were the center of her world.

However, her life took a dramatic turn when Coleridge Bernard Stroud III was sent to prison, leaving Kimberly to raise their children on her own.

The impact of Coleridge Bernard Stroud III’s imprisonment

Coleridge’s imprisonment had a profound impact on the Stroud family.

C.J., in particular, was deeply affected by his father’s absence.

He often speaks about the challenges he faced growing up with an incarcerated parent and the inadequacies he perceives in the criminal justice system.

This experience has shaped C.J.’s advocacy for prison reform and his commitment to helping others in similar situations.

Kimberly Stroud’s role as a single mother

As a single mother, Kimberly faced numerous challenges in raising her children.

However, she remained steadfast in her role as a mother and provided a stable and nurturing environment for her children.

Her parenting style was characterized by love, support, and guidance, which helped C.J. and his siblings navigate the challenges they faced.

C.J. Stroud with Kimberly Stroud PHOTO/People Magazine

C.J. Stroud’s advocacy for prison reform

C.J.’s advocacy for prison reform is deeply rooted in his family’s experience.

He often speaks about the impact of his father’s incarceration on his family and the inadequacies he perceives in the criminal justice system.

Through his foundation and public speaking engagements, C.J. is working to raise awareness about the challenges faced by families with incarcerated parents and to advocate for reforms that can improve the lives of those affected.

The launch of the C.J. Stroud Foundation

The C.J. Stroud Foundation was launched to focus on helping single mothers, children of incarcerated parents, and criminal justice reform.

This foundation is a testament to Kimberly Stroud’s influence on her son and their shared commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of others.

Kimberly Stroud’s involvement in charitable endeavors

Kimberly has been actively involved in her son’s charitable endeavors, including the launch of the C.J. Stroud Foundation.

She and C.J. also share their experiences and provide advice to other mothers of athletes in the podcast “The Mom’s P.O.V.”.

This collaboration further highlights the strong bond between mother and son and their shared commitment to making a difference in the lives of others.

The influence of Kimberly Stroud on C.J. Stroud’s life and career

Kimberly’s influence on C.J.’s life and career is evident in his advocacy for prison reform and his commitment to helping others.

Her nurturing and supportive nature has played a pivotal role in shaping her son’s character and values.

C.J. often speaks about the lessons he has learned from his mother and the impact she has had on his life.

Lessons learned from Kimberly Stroud’s resilience and strength as a single mother

Kimberly’s resilience and strength as a single mother serve as an inspiration to many.

Her ability to raise her children with love, support, and guidance despite the challenges she faced is a testament to her character and determination.

The lessons she has learned and the strength she has demonstrated throughout her life are invaluable and serve as a reminder that even in the face of adversity, one can find the strength to persevere.

C.J. Stroud
C.J. Stroud with Kimberly Stroud PHOTO/Sportskeeda


What inspired Kimberly Stroud and C.J. Stroud to launch their charitable foundation?

Kimberly and her son, C.J. Stroud, launched a charitable foundation with a focus on helping single mothers, children of incarcerated parents, and criminal justice reform.

The inspiration behind this initiative and the driving force for its specific areas of focus would provide valuable insight into their motivations and personal experiences.

How has Kimberly Stroud’s experience as a single mother influenced C.J. Stroud’s advocacy and charitable work?

C.J. has often spoken about his soft spot for single mothers and people who battle addiction, citing his own experiences being raised by a single mother after his father’s incarceration.

Exploring the direct impact of Kimberly’s parenting and resilience on C.J.’s values, advocacy, and charitable endeavors would offer a compelling narrative.

What role does Kimberly Stroud play in the C.J. Stroud Foundation, and how does it reflect her values and priorities?

Kimberly serves as the president of the C.J. Stroud Foundation, indicating her active involvement in shaping its mission and initiatives.

Understanding her specific contributions, the foundation’s alignment with her values, and the causes that are particularly meaningful to her would provide a deeper understanding of her role and influence.

What can we learn from Kimberly Stroud’s journey as a single mother and her collaboration with C.J. Stroud on “The Mom’s P.O.V.” Podcast?

Kimberly’s experiences, insights, and the advice she shares with other mothers of athletes on the podcast “The Mom’s P.O.V.” offer valuable lessons and perspectives.

Exploring the dynamics of their collaboration and the wisdom she imparts through this platform would be thought-provoking and inspiring for the audience.

How has Kimberly Stroud’s background and family life shaped her approach to giving back to the community?

Delving into Kimberly’s background, family values, and the influence of her husband’s pastorate on her commitment to giving back to the community would provide a holistic view of her philanthropic endeavors and the enduring impact of her personal journey on her contributions to society.

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