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Who Did Jessie Buckley Marry? Actress Ties the Knot with Blind Date Beau in Intimate Norfolk Ceremony

In the glitzy world of showbiz, where breakups and makeups are scrutinized by the public eye, actress Jessie Buckley has managed to keep her latest chapter under wraps. The 34-year-old star, known for her exceptional performance in “The Lost Daughter,” quietly tied the knot in a serene ceremony in Norfolk with a man she met on a blind date.

This newfound happiness follows a period of heartbreak for Jessie Buckley, who experienced a highly publicized split with “Happy Valley” star James Norton. Their parting was described as ‘acrimonious,’ and to add a bitter twist, Norton went on to get engaged to fellow actress Imogen Poots.

Undeterred, Jessie Buckley found love in an unexpected place – a blind date orchestrated by mutual friend Marc Robinson, a music executive she collaborated with on the 2018 film “Wild Rose.” Refraining from disclosing her husband’s last name, she affectionately refers to him as ‘Freddie,’ revealing that he is an English mental health worker from Islington, north London, who has returned to university to pursue a career in mental health.

Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

The couple, who share residences in east London and Norfolk, opted for an intimate wedding last summer in the picturesque Norfolk countryside. Lori and Laura, proprietors of the Towpath cafe in Dalston and close friends of the couple, provided catering for the special occasion.

Reflecting on the memorable day, Jessie Buckley shared, “One of my favorite memories of the day was: I wanted a keg of Guinness, and I definitely wanted their cheese toasties at a certain hour. And then they came and did breakfast the next day.” The actress, who won an Olivier award, revealed that the couple has enjoyed multiple post-nuptial holidays, affectionately referring to them as “many moons.”

Contrary to the typical Hollywood whirlwind, Buckley and Freddie embraced a more laid-back approach, joining friends on various holidays. The extended time off, a result of the Hollywood strike, allowed the couple to savor their newlywed bliss. Buckley explained, “Usually I’m away shooting or something, and because of the [Hollywood] strike, everything got moved, so I’ve had a whole year just to, like, hang out.”

Originally considering a move to Suffolk, the couple ultimately settled in Norfolk, captivated by the charm of an ancient 1500s house with a unique orange hue. Buckley shared, “It’s a really amazing old house that’s been there forever.”

In a world that often amplifies the tumultuous nature of celebrity relationships, Jessie Buckley’s discreet Norfolk nuptials serve as a testament to the enduring power of love found in unexpected places.

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