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Why It Is Not Working on YouTube Ads? Check Here

What is Ublock Origin Purge All Caches Missing? Is it Not Working on YouTube Ads in 2024? Check details here!

Is Ublock Origin Purge All Caches Missing from the setting? What is Ublock Origin? How to purge all the cache memory? Why is the Ublock Origin Cache purge not working? Netizens from the United States are trying to clear their Cache memory from the Ublock Origin, but it is not working. Thus, we will read this article here and understand the latest details about the application.   

Ublock Origin Purge All Caches Missing

uBlock Origin is a free and open-source browser. It is easily available as an extension on Google Chrome and can be added easily. This was released back in June 2014, and it can be used as an extension in Opera, Firefox, Google Chrome, Chromium, Pale Moon and Edge. This extension has created a reputation in the market.

However, after the recent update on the uBlock Origin, some people have complained that the Cache purge feature is missing. The update happened on 3rd January 2024. It was an update to stabilize the extension. However, this problem has become prevalent after the update. 

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Details About Ublock Origin YouTube 2024

Online ads are becoming more and more common in the current digital era. They may cause us inconvenience, be invasive, or even jeopardize our privacy. Many people use ad blockers like Ublock Origin to tackle this problem. During internet browsing, Ublock Origin is a widely used browser plugin that prevents advertisements and other undesired information. Ublock Origin is an ad blocker that also has more sophisticated functions like privacy protection and script blocking. It may, however, occasionally experience problems similar to those with other applications, which may be fixed by clearing all caches.

How to Fix Ublock Origin YouTube Ads?

Browsers store website data in caches, which are short-term storage spaces, to speed up loading times. These caches have the potential to build up over time and result in a number of issues, such as conflicts with Ublock Origin. Clearing up all of your caches might help you fix these problems and make sure the extension works properly. Here’s how to clear all of Ublock Origin’s caches, step-by-step:

  • Launch a browser: Open your computer’s selected web browser (such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome). People are still complaining about Ublock Origin Not Working.          
  • Go to the settings of Ublock Origin: In the browser toolbar, choose the Ublock Origin symbol by clicking on it. Usually, a symbol in the shape of a shield represents it.
  • Allow dashboard access: From the drop-down option that opens, pick “Open the dashboard.” The Ublock Origin options page will open as a result.
  • Select the “Settings” menu: Navigate to the “Settings” option at the top of the Ublock Origin dashboard.
  • Locate “Purge all caches” by scrolling down. Under the “Privacy” area, scroll down until you see the “Purge all caches” option. Netizens are searching for Ublock Origin YouTube 2024.’
  • Select Purge all caches: Select “Purge all caches” from the menu. By doing this, all Ublock Origin-related cached caches will be cleared.
  • Verify the activity: You will be prompted with an authorization dialogue box before the cache cleanup is carried out. Press “OK” to continue.


In this article, we have discussed the problem of Ublock Origin Not WorkingRead the article properly to understand the details of the extension not working. If you wish to know more about uBlock Origin, click here. 

Do you use uBlock Origin? Please comment on your review about Ublock’s origin. 

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