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Why Sara Ramirez Got Dropped from ‘And Just Like That’? Instagram Call-Out Sparks Controversy

Sara Ramirez, renowned for their role as Dr. Callie Torres on Grey’s Anatomy, has reportedly been dropped from the third season of the Sex and the City spin-off, ‘And Just Like That…’ The decision follows Ramirez’s portrayal of the character Che Diaz, a role that has faced criticism for its portrayal of a non-binary individual.

Political Stand Sparks Controversy

The news of Sara Ramirez’s departure comes in the wake of an Instagram post where the actor criticized Hollywood for its alleged blacklisting of individuals supporting Palestine. Ramirez expressed frustration with the industry’s hypocrisy, emphasizing the discrepancy between award ceremonies and the real struggles faced by actors advocating for Palestine.

Sara Ramirez: Controversy Surrounding Che Diaz

Playing the role of Che Diaz on ‘And Just Like That…,’ Sara Ramirez faced ongoing criticism for the character’s portrayal. Introduced as a queer nonbinary Mexican Irish diva, Che Diaz’s characterization has been labeled by some as a caricature. Despite the criticism, Ramirez acknowledged the hate online, asserting that they aimed to depict a complex, imperfect character not crafted for mere approval.

Sara Ramirez: Evolution of Che Diaz’s Character

Che Diaz’s storyline concluded in the last season, ending their relationship with Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon) in a “trainwreck” breakup. Sara Ramirez, using the past tense on Instagram

, commented on the performative nature of Hollywood and alluded to their portrayal of Che Diaz. The post read, “Even more performative than the last character I played.”

An insider source refutes claims that Ramirez’s firing was politically motivated, asserting that the decision was solely based on the character’s lack of contribution to the show. They emphasize that Nixon, who supports Palestine and plays a pivotal role as Miranda Hobbes, has not faced similar consequences. The insider suggests that Che Diaz’s arc, described as a “struggling comedian,” was deemed irrelevant, holding “no value” and eliciting annoyance from fans.

While Ramirez’s political stance is acknowledged, the source underscores the distinction between ‘And Just Like That…’ and ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ asserting that Che Diaz was not a pivotal part of the storyline. The character’s struggles as a comedian were dismissed as a “waste of airtime,” indicating a lack of resonance with the audience.

HBO’s Response Awaited

As of now, HBO has not officially confirmed Ramirez’s departure from ‘And Just Like That…’ The controversy surrounding the exit raises questions about the intersection of political views, character portrayal, and the perceived value of roles in the entertainment industry.

Sara Ramirez’s departure from ‘And Just Like That…’ underscores the delicate balance between an actor’s political stand and the perceived relevance of their on-screen character. As the entertainment industry grapples with questions of representation and authenticity, controversies like these prompt a broader conversation about the dynamics at play within Hollywood.

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